Without a doubt, your vehicle’s transmission is one of its most critical components. It works hand in hand with your car’s engine, generating torque that your transmission then applies to power the wheels. 

To keep the transmission operating at peak performance and efficiency, you will need regular service upkeep. And when issues do arise, you will need a trusted team of automotive technicians available to lend a helping hand. Thankfully, our trusted team of experts here at Auto Garage is known for delivering fast results in this area!

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Our Services

We recommend keeping up on routine maintenance of your transmission in accordance with your vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer guidelines. But when an issue does arise, our team is here to help.

Our certified technicians studied the ins and outs of vehicles just like yours, mastering each component and all the nuances of how things work. With this expertise, we can efficiently diagnose issues related to your vehicle’s transmission functionality. We provide:

  • Transmission fluid flush and fluid change
  • Oil and filter change
  •  Spark plug replacement
  • Ignition coil replacement
  • Transmission repairs and replacement
  • Comprehensive engine repairs

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Give your vehicle’s transmission the proper upkeep and repair attention needed to continue delivering on the open road. Schedule a service appointment with our technicians today. We can properly diagnose what is going on and get to work on immediate service solutions.