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The Importance of State Inspections

The safety of motorists is treated as a top priority by the state government in Texas—which is why it is mandatory for all registered vehicle owners to pass an annual state inspection that assesses many of your car’s parts. 

There’s a lengthy list of parts to inspect on your vehicle. From the tint of your windows to your steering system, every component of your vehicle is taken into careful consideration when conducting a state inspection. All parts must be in working order for your vehicle and also meet strict safety standards. If even the smallest detail is out of place, your vehicle will fail the inspection and can’t pass until after repairs are made.

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While this predicament doesn’t sound fun, it is easily avoidable with our help!  Not only does Auto Garage have skilled technicians ready to help with an eye for detail for your vehicle’s repair work, we’re also licensed as a DPS certified inspection station that can conduct the state inspection for you! As a result, we can take the stress of an outside inspection off your shoulders and ensure everything about your vehicle (inside and out!) stays fully compliant with Texas’ safety standards! 

At the end of the day, it’s our main goal to ensure both you and the local members of our community stay safe. Failing your inspection would cause potential roadside dangers. and prevent you from keeping your registration valid and lawful.

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