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Electrical Diagnostics Service

Have you ever wondered what equipment shops use to diagnose the reason your dashboard warning light flickered on?

The answer is electrical diagnostics, one of many innovative testing tools our team at Auto Garage uses to properly analyze your vehicle’s current condition and service needs!
Electrical diagnostic tests provide:
  • Detailed engine and transmission analysis
  • Emissions reports
  • Troubleshooting error solutions
With electrical diagnostics, our team can efficiently get to the bottom of your vehicle’s persisting issue. From there, we can complete quality service and repairs in a timely manner.

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Why Electrical Diagnostics Matter


Electrical diagnostics paint a clear picture of what caused your warning light to activate. It will also provide quality insight into the reason your vehicle suffers from declining fuel efficiency and driving quality inconsistencies.

By examining the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and double-checking all the criteria that led to this indicator coming on, our qualified technicians can get right to the root cause of your vehicle’s primary issues.

Running electrical diagnostic tests for your vehicle is a multi-step process. First, our technicians will examine your vehicle for visible signs of damage like faulty wires. Then, we will conduct a system analysis and a multi-point inspection to collect additional information. From there, electrical tests with our cutting-edge electrical equipment will help us verify our suspicions and build our full diagnostics report.

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If you have recently noticed a warning light pop on or have concerns about your vehicle’s existing condition, it’s time to schedule an electrical diagnostics test with the trusted team here at Auto Garage! We look forward to identifying the problem and getting your vehicle back to operating at peak performance.