You Can Count On Us


Whether you were recently in an accident or noticed a couple of nasty scratches on your car, you deserve the very best repair service in the business. That’s where Auto Garage comes into play! 

You can count on our team to handle any body service your car may require post-collision, completely hassle-free. From painting and denting to bumpers and headlight repair, we can get it all done! Simply call one of our locations to book an appointment and have one of our skilled technicians thoroughly assess the damage done to your car. From there, we will generate an accurate estimate of the repairs required and then secure your approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or get free appointment.


Once you approve the estimate, we will move your vehicle into our body shop to perform body and structural repair work! Our technicians get started by removing damaged parts, salvaging what we can, and replacing the rest. Throughout this process, we ensure rigorous quality control. So whether it’s frame straightening, adding in new headlights, or an unfortunate dent in your car—we’ll look at every little detail and ensure it’s all repaired with precision.

Painting, Polish & Reassembly

Once all the body work has been successfully evaluated, we move on to give your car the finish it deserves. Our expert painters ensure any parts painting uses the exact color match of your vehicle’s existing shade before applying. Then we give your vehicle a thorough polish before sending it off back to the body shop, where it is reassembled. Any parts involved in the repair are then reassembled with your vehicle by our experienced technicians, using the utmost care and diligence.


Our team stops at nothing less than perfection, which is why we ensure your vehicle is spotless and ready to meet your expectations! So before moving onto quality assurance, we ensure everything is as clean as can be while giving all cosmetic repairs to your vehicle a final check. Then comes the final step—ensuring the safety and complete satisfaction of our customers with our rigorous quality assurance program.

To Go

With everything repaired, checked and double-checked—our team will contact you to come in, see the finished product, and complete any remaining documentation before handing back your keys. We look forward to restoring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition!